"Let product speak; Make consumer satisfied"

Since our company has been created, we barely cost any money in marketing. Instead, we always put all the profit back to the product develop and production upgrade. 
Improving Production is our first goal. This idea came up since our first few customers admitted our product and they believe our competitive products can bring more fun to anglers.


About Us


Now Modern fishing tackle Co.,Ltd provide several product and service.

1.Fishing Line:  
As the most professional fishing line producer in China, we have 7 different functional workshops and other accessory department focus on producing fishing line. we offer product solution for our customer every day. No matter you want to customize a new type of braided line, monofilament or other lines, we can provide a possible solution and produce samples. Also, you can tell us your target market describe the abilities you prefer, we will get you the most suitable choice.

2.Plastic Products:
For providing better spool for holding fishing line we set up our own injection molding workshop. We improved the current design in market to make the spool thicker and stronger so it won’t be broken during winding and transportation. Also, we help customers to design their own spool including add the logo and the name or a 3D image.

3.Fish Attractant:
In recent years, after traditional angling getting more popular in the global scale, we enhanced our fish attractant products. By cooperating with Fresh Water Biology research laboratory, we developed several attractive fish food and liquid attractant. Except the new product we also used fully automatic equipment replaced the old machine. Now the quality is stable and we accept customization.

As a very important part of product, we always try our best to design a suitable packaging for their brand. Our design department and printing house will provide several ideas and improve with your feedbacks.


As an outdoor sport, fishing offers a great opportunity for people to get close to nature and free from pressure. We hope more people can know this sport and enjoy it, so we set a new company goal in 2018-“Make fishing fun”. For achieving this goal, we will focus on two points in the following years.

1. Make fishing more affordable. Poor quality products bring really bad experience for angler, but good equipment is always expensive. So we want to use our advantage in supply chain to lower down the price of excellent fishing equipment.

2. We will focus on regional diversity. After long-term partner with our customers in different countries, we find it will be irresponsible to suggest same product for customer in different area. So we stared to build up a database about the local fish types and habitus then we develop targeted fishing equipment.


Producing fishing line more than 30 years
Brand created more than 15 years

In 1989, as one of the earliest fishing line factory, we absorbed the techniques and processing experience from other industry and standardized the fishing line production method. With the stable quality and reasonable price, we immediately opened the market in Europe, America and Asia.

In 2000, We expanded our company team, including the establishment of an R&D department, and started preparing for a better company. 

In 2006, we established Modern Fishing Tackle and bought the former government building as our new factory. Also, we transformed and upgraded our producing process for better service.

In 2011, we built a 12516 square meters new building for producing braided line. More than 1000 braiding machines and matched winding, dyeing, yarning machines make Modern Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd has the biggest producing capacity in China.

In 2016,we authorized by Toray (Japan) the agent of monofilament line in China, and later we developed A90 specific to fishes live in Chinese waters. 

In 2021, for satisfying growing requirement of quality and production, we rebuilt our factory. At the end of 2021, there are 42000 square meters of building area and a total of 200 employees in the company.
In the future, we will focus on improving product’s quality and developing new product.by this way we want to make every angler can enjoy the fun of fishing.

 2 billion meter  

is our annual production capacity
 40 country's  

company are our partner
 10 million  

anglers enjoy fishing with our products Every year 

Formerly known as Xiangtang Fishing Factory
Founded in 1989
More than 30 years 
Professional in producing fishing line