Dyeing technology 

There are two dyeing methods of line: original dyeing from raw materials and post dyeing with dyes. The original colored fish line can not fade no matter how it is pulled, wound or soaked in seawater, but there are not many kinds of original colors. In the post dyeing project, we use special dyes with strong durability, which are not easy to fade and can dye any color required by customers.


Dyeing engineering seems to be a simple thing, but according to the difference of climate, temperature and humidity, the line dyed by the best dyeing method will also be slightly different. Therefore, in order to ensure that the same quality line can be produced, it also needs the keen feeling and high technical force accumulated in experience.

Modern fishing is a pioneer enterprise in developing monofilament by using synthetic fiber as yarn material for the first time in China in 1989. Not long after the birth of synthetic fiber, Modern Fishing began to focus on the production of nylon monofilament. After many failures, finally  it succeeded ,mastered the technology of manufacturing high-quality synthetic fiber.


Modern fishing has accumulated rich knowledge, wisdom and technology about monofilament over the years, which has played a great role in production and won the trust of many customers. For more than 30 years, we have been continuously improving our products according to the needs of our customers. As a manufacturer committed to developing new products, its long history proves the high quality of modern fishing's fishing line.Modern fishing realizes the overall service of development ⇒ manufacturing ⇒ sales ⇒ after-sales through the consistent mode of manufacturing and sales (integration of industry and trade). Timely after-sales service for goods can also directly ask customers' requirements, making customers feel more at ease. All manufacturing works from raw silk to finished products are completed in our own company. Whether it is the "precursor manufacturing" of processing resin into yarn, the "weaving processing" of weaving multi strand yarn into lines, or the dyeing and coating processing of lines.

 Production technology of nylon line 

In the production process of monofilament, if the line  diameter is uneven or mixed with impurities, it will be easy to break. Therefore, we will pay great attention to its uniformity in spinning manufacturing, whether it is line diameter or resin mixing. When mixing different resins, pigments and additives, the amount and mixing will also be strictly controlled. The customer's requirements are very strict. Modern fishing has been manufacturing fishing lines with the highest quality in the industry as the goal.

In addition, under such circumstances, it is not easy to create unprecedented new products, but we will continue to challenge in order to meet the needs of users and create high-performance products that our competitors do not have.

 PE line braiding technology 

Modern fishing almost uses the method of "corner beating" to braid PE lines.Multiple bobbins are rotated clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time, so that the yarns on the bobbins are pulled out little by little, and braided them into a line.

 Coating technology 


PE line is a braided line. Although it is not as easy to roll as nylon line, it is easy to wind and has weak water cutting property because of its soft body. Generally, coating processing is used to improve its disadvantages, but because it is made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene resin, the line body lacks adhesion. In general, coating processing is easy to peel off. We add composite materials to the surface of the line body to form a mesh braided structure, so that the line body is tightly wrapped to form a protective layer, which reduces the fuzzing phenomenon caused by the wear of the line and the guide ring, and is more conducive to throwing. The disadvantages of easy winding and easy water absorption of PE braided line are greatly reduced.

In addition, our company has also cooperated with professional equipment manufacturers to produce a special roller milling equipment for producing extremely fine wax particles, which is mixed with the improved glue and then covered with fiber coating.


Greatly wraps all depressions, providing an excellent smooth feel. We are constantly making progress in order to further evolve the technology we have inherited. We are committed to developing a wide variety of PE line coatings with the goal of meeting all the needs of our customers and anglers.

However, the fishing line rolled into the reel with non tension can maintain the characteristics of the line to the greatest extent. In addition, since the force applied to the drum becomes very small, a wire reel such as paper can also be used. Our winding machine can also wind monofilament into parallel coils. The touch of the product surface is better and more beautiful. So that the fishing line can be rolled from the reel to the fishing wheel more smoothly.

Although the parallel drum has gradually become the mainstream, many products are rotated manually by craftsmen according to the product characteristics. In order to maintain high quality, skilled technology is required. The winding staff in our factory have more than ten years of rich experience.

 Advanced winding machine 

The winding machine we use is the most advanced machine in the world. The fishing line wound into the reel with a general winding machine is usually in a state of tension.